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Rajasthan Films Production has 28 years’ experience in the TV & Film Industry. He worked in London from 1989 to 2006 in a variety of roles including Producer, Director, & Editor and has been working as a Fixer in India since 2006. We have a dynamic team of dedicated film production professionals from India and Europe providing a balanced mix of local knowledge and influence with experience of international production standards and methods. Our Production Coordinators and Location Managers all have more than 10 years experience.

Having worked outside India we have an international perspective. You will be communicating with professionals that understand India inside out but also understand your point of view and how to prepare you and your team properly.

India is an incredibly diverse country. In fact, it’s a federal union of states with each state differing in many respects. These differences can extend to most facets of life including politics, legislation, taxation, dominant religion, cuisine, climate, altitude, and language. We understand the significance of these nuances and have team members, or associates, who are native to most states in India. As your Fixer in India we will provide all the services you need for a successful film or TV production throughout the country.

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