Rajasthan Films Production is a Fixer in India providing international companies with film production services. We provide services for all types of production including, Feature Films, Commercials, TV Production, Documentary Films and Corporate Productions. We operate throughout India and have a network of proven reliable service providers nation wide. Rajasthan Films Production is also the founder and Executive Producer of Goa Film Services which was established in 2006 as the first dedicated international Production Services Company in India.

If you need a Fixer in India we provide a full range of services from Development, Budgeting, Scouting, Film Permits, Scheduling, Transparent Accounting, and everything else you will need for a successful production in India. Rajasthan Films Production has been a Fixer in India since 2006 when he founded Goa Film Services. He has provided production services in India



Rajasthan Films Production started his professional career in London in 1989 and has worked in a variety of roles including Producer, Line Producer, Fixer, Director, and Editor. He has genuine passion for all things India and Film and works hard to ensure our clients have a great experience shooting in India.

Clients can fly in with a few key personnel, confident that a full production services package will be waiting for them to give them the shoot experience they expect with top quality crew, equipment, transportation, hotels, catering, and anything else you might require for your shoot.

India has a wonderful range of shooting locations and a huge well equipped local film industry. We can provide you with the best that India has to offer, with every detail managed and coordinated to the standards that you expect. We have a dynamic team of dedicated film production professionals from India and Europe providing a balanced mix of local knowledge and influence with experience of international production standards and methods.


Rajasthan Films Production has been a Fixer in India since 2006 when he founded Goa Film Services. He has provided production services in India to some of the most prestigious broadcasters and film production companies in the world including, BBC, PBS, National Geographic, History Channel, Channel 4, North One TV, Blink Films, October Films, and many more.


Please see the ‘Recent Work’ section on the Home Page for detailed information on some of our completed film productions in India.

Rajasthan Films Production has more than 28 years experience in the TV and Film production industry. Prior to being a Fixer in India he worked extensively in the TV Commercials and Corporate Video sector in London. His clients included…

BBC – Spooks, Strictly Come Dancing, National Lottery Show
ITV – Midsomer Murders, Rosemary & Thyme, Ultimate Force





Michael Winterbottom’s “Road to Guantanamo”
Rajasthan Films Production has also served as an adviser to Avid Technology, working with them on the development of their high end editing systems. This is his history reel for work prior to 2006…  These days it’s often difficult to budget for international shoots so if you don’t have the time or funds to travel to India we can source locations and contributors then ‘shoot to order’ your footage. We can upload selected rushes or edit a complete package for you then send all the rushes by courier. We have an Import/Export Certificate so this approach also means you avoid 18% Goods & Services Tax as your rushes will qualify for tax exemption under ‘Export of Services’. Rajasthan Films Production has been a Fixer in India since 2006 when he founded Goa Film Services.

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